Student Pregnancy

Student Pregnancy


Swansea University recognises that pregnancy, and parenthood, is a very exciting time in your life. We are committed to providing an environment where all students are supported and treated fairly with dignity and respect during their pregnancy.

Any information given to us about your pregnancy will be treated sensitively and confidentially. Information will only be passed on to your college on a need to know basis and with your consent.

We will work with you to develop and deliver a pregnancy support plan to ensure suitable adjustments are made and your needs are met during your pregnancy. We will need to identify any relevant risks associated with your study and manage these risks for your protection. The main risks are associated with physical activity or exposure to chemicals and radiation.

Here are a number of questions that you may want to find out the answers to if you are pregnant.

Q1. I’ve just found out I’m pregnant; do I have to tell the University?

You don’t have to tell the University that you are pregnant, although if the University are unaware of your pregnancy, we will be unable to provide you with the support you are entitled to. The University will only enquire if you are pregnant, if we have concerns about your health and safety.

Q2. Who should I tell within the University?

You should tell your Aademic Mentor and also a Student Life Officer within Campus Life (Student Support Services). They will ensure you are made fully aware of the support available to you. The team will also coordinate arrangements to support you. They will be able to arrange risk assessments, and agree a personal support plan with you. You can decide which members of staff you wish to inform of your pregnancy. The University will not inform anyone about your pregnancy, without your permission.


You can contact the Student Life Officers via telephone and email:

Telephone: 01792 513889


Q3. When should I tell my University?

The highest risk of harm to your baby is during the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy. It is advisable that you inform the University as soon as possible, so that a risk assessment can be carried out. If you are unsure whether you are going to proceed with the pregnancy, it may still be beneficial to carry out a risk assessment, for your own health and safety.

Q4. Will I have to leave University because I am pregnant?

No, being pregnant does not mean you have to leave the University, or suspend your course. There may be risk implications with continuing your course. This depends on the requirements and nature of the course. If you are studying a course which requires physical activity, or exposure to chemicals or radiation, then alternative arrangements will need to be put in place.

Q5. Am I allowed to take time off during my pregnancy?

You are entitled to take time off during your pregnancy. The duration of this is completely up to you. You will need to discuss your leave with your College, as it may have implications on your academic studies.

Q6. What If I have an assessment or am due to take exams whilst pregnant?

If you are due to give birth near to/or during assessment deadlines/examination periods and you want to complete the work, you will not be prevented from doing so. You can complete any assessed work during your pregnancy. During examinations, you may require rest breaks and to go to the toilet more frequently. The University will make reasonable adjustments, to enable you to complete examinations and assessments during your pregnancy.

Q7. Will I be entitled to extenuating circumstances?

You will be expected to take your pregnancy into account, when preparing for assessments and exams. Applying for extenuating circumstances would not normally be appropriate. If there are complications with the pregnancy, or your health has an effect on your academic studies, then your application will be considered. You will be expected to provide evidence where appropriate e.g. Letter from GP.

Q8. Will I be able to carry on studying once my baby is born?

If you continue to study once your baby is born, you will be entitled to take maternity-related absence, following the birth of your child. The duration of this absence will depend on your personal circumstances and the nature of your course. The University will work with you to agree a suitable return-to-study date.

Q9. Am I entitled to any financial benefits whilst I am pregnant?

Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to maternity benefits during your pregnancy. You will need to get in touch with Money@Campuslife for further information on funding you may be entitled to.

Q10. Are there child care facilities available on campus?

The Students' Union Day Nursery provides high quality, and affordable childcare, for children aged 3 months - 8 years.

They aim to assist students who are returning to education, but are open to all. All staff are highly qualified and have been a part of the Nursery for many years, helping to maintain consistently high quality childcare.

The nursery operates from Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6.00pm, on Singleton Campus.
-Full day (7.30am - 6:00pm), £35.00
-Morning Session (7.30am - 1:00pm), inclusive of lunch £24.00
-Afternoon session (1:00pm - 6:00pm), without lunch £24.00

They offer three half hour settling in sessions, to ensure both parents and child are happy and settled to begin their Nursery experience, completely free of charge.
For more information about the on campus nursery, email-

There are facilities on campus to breastfeed and to express milk. On Singleton campus, there is a wellbeing room in ILS 1 on the ground floor. This room requires access, which you can get from the ILS 1 reception.

Alternatively, Occupational Health in Penmaen is also available. To use a room in Occupational Health, you will need to contact them prior to attending, to ensure a room is available. You can email them on: or call them on 01792 295538.

There is also a wellbeing room available to students on Bay campus, B002 in Engineering Central. You will need a card to access this room, which is available from Engineering Reception.

Q11. I’m studying abroad but have fallen pregnant, what should I do?

If you have fallen pregnant while studying abroad, we encourage you to let the University know as soon as possible. This will help ensure appropriate plans are put in places, to support the health and safety of both you and the baby. The University will liaise with the placement provider, to ensure a risk assessment is completed, confirming it is still safe for you to study.

Q12. I am an International Student studying in Swansea. What should I do if I am pregnant?

It is essential that any international student who becomes pregnant contacts the International Office, by emailing international as early on in the pregnancy as possible, so that immigration advice and support can be provided. You will need to think about where you want the birth to take place. You may prefer to return home for the birth. Remember, that most airlines will not carry passengers who are 7 months or more pregnant, so make sure you take this into account when planning.

Q13. My partner is a student also; will this affect their academic studies?

Swansea University will allow students, who are partners of a new mother, to take paternity related absence. The University will be flexible in allowing a student to attend their partner’s antenatal appointments.

Students may also need to take time off, if their partner has complications with their pregnancy. If a student wants to take paternity-related absence, they should inform their Academic Mentor and also their College administration team, in order for the attendance monitoring system to be notified. The University will allow students paternity-related absence, in line with entitlements that exists in employment law for paternity leave. Partners will be entitled to maximum of 2 weeks paternity leave. The University will ensure students on paternity-related absence, are able to access materials from missed seminars and lectures.

Q14. I’ve had a miscarriage what should I do?

The University will do it’s best to support you should you miscarry, have a still birth, or if your baby dies shortly after it is born. You should contact the Student Life Officers in Campus Life. They will be able to establish what support is available to you from the University. You may wish to meet with one of Wellbeing’s counsellors to discuss your situation. The counsellor will be able to provide you with support, and advice, in order to continue with your academic studies, should you wish to do so. If you do not inform the University of your situation, we will be limited in the support we can provide to you.

Q15. I am thinking of having an abortion, what should I do?

If you are considering an abortion, you will be offered counselling by Wellbeing@CampusLife. You may need time off for tests before, and to recover after a procedure. Consideration will be given to your ability to meet deadlines, and sit examinations during this time.


If you have any questions about student pregnancy, you can get In touch with Welfare@Campuslife for further advice, support and guidance.

01792 513889

Q16. Is there anything else I am entitled to?

You may be entitled to a campus parking permit. You will have to apply for this, and also provide supporting evidence when applying e.g. GP Letter, Birth certificate. Parking permits are subject to availability, and will come with a small fee.

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