Staying safe at Swansea University

Staying safe at University


Moving to University is a big transition. You are leaving all familiar surroundings and entering new territory. You are now an adult and you have responsibilities to look after yourself and your possessions. On this page, we will give you handy contacts and tips to stay safe during your time at University.


Don't let thieves get away with your valuables. Have you brought a laptop, bike, iPad, or something of high value to University? Register your valuables to help reduce property crime and improve the chances of getting them back in the event of loss or theft.
The University Liaison team can help you to registering your valuables with immobilise.

Please contact:
Clive Dainton
Nicky Billingham
Louise John


Nights out

Going Out?

Nights out in Swansea are always great fun with friends, but there are always things to think about beforehand...
Think about who you are going out with and who you are going home with. Never go home with strangers and always stay with your friends. Plan a meeting point within a club just in case you lose a member of your group and you don't have mobile signal.

Going out


Swansea Student Union has come together with South Wales Police to launch 'Clubcrew'. This is a new initiative to safeguard students and raise awareness of sexual harassment within our union club nights.
Club Crew will be there to support students who are vulnerable as a result of drinking too much.


Drinkaware club crew

Catching a Taxi in Swansea

It's always good to catch a taxi or get the late night bus home after a night out.

If you are catching a taxi always remember:

  • Licensed Taxi's in Swansea will only ever be black (London style Hackney Cabs) or white.
  • Before getting into a taxi, take a photograph of the Taxi number and registration plate. Make sure you tell the driver what you are doing!
  • Always sit in the rear of the Taxi when possible.
  • If alone in a taxi, sit behind the driver.

If you do have any incidents of concerns, advise the Police or Swansea Council- Taxi Licensing Department.

If you  do need any help to catch a taxi, there are Marshalls availble in the following locations: 

  • Caer street (Top of Wind Street) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. 
  • York Street (By Vue Cinema) on Saturday nights.

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