What is PICNIC?

PICNIC (Partnership-Innovation-Collaboration-Networking-Improvement-Creation) is an opportunity for students at Swansea University to visit another UK University for a short visit of between 1-7 days based on mutual arrangements (exchanges) between the partner universities.

The purpose of the visit is to exchange ideas about good practices on enhancing student engagement/representation/partnership while observing, meeting with staff and students to discuss practices and scholarships and contributing to events.

Swansea University covers the costs of accommodation and travel and the receiving university makes arrangements in consultation with the visiting student to create an exciting agenda.

To find out more information please contact Steph Dalton or you can fill out an application form and you will be contacted regarding your query.

Deadline to apply: 06/01/2019

What will you gain from doing a PICNIC exchange?

  • Networking opportunities
  • CV enhancement
  • HEAR Recognition
  • Personal Skill Development

What will you do as part of the exchange?

Your exchange will be unique! It will be based on what your chosen University offers, along with your experience and interests. You will be able to meet with various students and staff, attend meetings and workshops or even a lecture.

See Adam Powell (from Swansea University) visiting Newcastle University

Before leaving, you will establish some goals for the week with the Swansea PICNIC team, usually around gathering knowledge and sharing best practice, which will tailor your experience.

When you return from your exchange, you will:

  • Catch up with the Swansea PICNIC staff,
  • Produce a report of your experience, which could be in the form of a blog, video or written document,
  • Be invited to share your experience with other students and staff. 

Adam Powell: My PICNIC experience

Adam Powell: Was the PICNIC experience worth it?

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