The Student Feedback Journey

How do we use your feedback?

As a University we are constantly asking for student feedback so we can work together to improve your experience at Swansea. However, have you ever wondered how we’ve been using your comments?

We’d like to take you on a journey- the Student Feedback Journey! The University uses your feedback from Student Experience Surveys, the National Student Survey, Module Feedback and a variety of other methods to make positive changes to the Swansea Student Experience.


How do we use Module Feedback?

In response the University has:


  • Purchased new furniture across the Keir Hardie building with plans for making more improvements in the near future.
  • Purchased new furniture for Fulton House A, B and C, with plans to make further improvements.
  • Added additional study spaces during exams.
  • Created an additional PC lab for Science and Engineering students in the Digital Technium.
  • Introduced Blas, Costcutter and Swansea Outfitters, bringing student jobs and investment in the Student’s Union.
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