When I graduate which documents will I receive from the University and when will I be sent my certificate?

When you qualify for your award, the University will provide you with an official certificate. This document will be available for collection at the appropriate degree ceremony, unless you have indicated that you will not be attending. You will also be able to access your Higher Education Achievement Report (Diploma Supplement) via your account on www.gradintel.com.

I’ve lost my degree certificate. How can I obtain a replacement?

Only one certificate is issued per student, however, under certain circumstances the University will provide a duplicate copy. You will be asked to complete and return the appropriate form requesting a replacement degree certificate.  Click here

What is the difference between an academic transcript and a HEAR (Diploma Supplement)?

The transcript lists all of the modules which you have studied along with the marks/grades which you have achieved. The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) provides detailed information on your degree programme, including the skills you will have gained, any prizes or employability awards you gained during your study as well as a copy of your full transcript.  These are useful documents to enhance your job prospects. More info

How can I obtain additional copies of my academic transcript?

You will be able to print a copy of your academic transcript by accessing your intranet account.  However, you may need  copies sent directly to a third partyand these can be obtained from MyUniHub. There is a charge for this service. More info

An alternative is to log into your gradintel account and share your HEAR electronically.

Where can I find information regarding the graduation ceremonies?

Please visit the Graduation web pages. You will find a series of frequently asked questions regarding graduation on this site.

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For more information on Graduation visit the Graduation web pages.

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