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Download our Appeals Frequently Asked Questions factsheet. You may also wish to look at the following web pages for further information on academic appeals:

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Extenuating Circumstances Frequently Asked Questions

I was unable to attend an examination/submit work for assessment because of extenuating circumstances. What should I do?

You must keep your College informed of any personal circumstances which is adversely affecting your study or preparation for assessment. If the University is informed in time arrangements might be put in place to support you.  If the circumstances affect your attendance at an exam or the submission of a piece of work within a set deadline then it is imperative that you draw this to your College’s attention before the exam or before the deadline.  Please read the Extenuating Circumstances Affecting Assessment Policy which is available in the online Academic Guide. More info

Will I need to provide evidence of my extenuating circumstances?

Yes, you will be required to submit documentation to support your extenuating circumstances e.g a medical certificate.  Your College will be able to advise you of what evidence is required. More info

Download Extenuating Circumstances FAQ Factsheet

Download our Extenuating Circumstances Frequently Asked Questions factsheet for more detailed information on extenuating circumstances.

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If you have a query about extenuating circumstances that you cannot find the answer to here, please contact

Appeals Frequently Asked Questions

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