All About Exams at Swansea

Examination Timetables and Venues

Information on University assessment periods, where to find your examination timetable and the locations of the University's examination venues.

Essential Examination Preparation

Information on how to prepare for your exam and what you can and cannot take into the examination venue.

Examination Venue DOs and DON'Ts

What you should and should NOT to do before, during and after your examination.

Examination Offences

Swansea University takes examination offences very seriously. Being caught committing an examination offence can have a devastating effect on your future career. Find out here what constitutes an offence, and the penalties for committing them.

Absence, Extenuating Circumstances & Adverse Weather

What to do if you are absent from an examination, have extenuating circumstances that might affect your performance or if there are extreme weather conditions on the day of your examination.

Related Formal University Regulations

Formal University regulations are held in the online Academic Guide. Below are links to some of the key regulations relating to Examinations.

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