Gateway to Employment

Gateway to Employment


Hey you, get listening because you'll definitely want to H.E.A.R about this!

You want to get the best job possible after uni, right?

Well how would you like some assistance in boosting your employability and a helping hand in preparing for job interviews?

You'll need to make sure your CV is the best it can be...

Seems like a good idea to get some some real practice in too!


The Higher education Achievement Report (H.E.A.R) is your only comprehensive record of learning and achievements whilst at Swansea University. The H.E.A.R includes loads of valuable information about you that employers want to know! The Employability Awards, Schemes and projects that you complete will all be displayed on your H.E.A.R so the employers can see all that you have achieved.

WHERE? is the service that Swansea University is using to publish your H.E.A.R electronically, enabling you to share it with potential employers and other universities. Through the 'Gateway' tab and the 'GradIntel' tab above, you can activate your account and find out more information on what can be included on your H.E.A.R.


There is no set time limit for you to access your H.E.A.R account. It will stay and grow with you throughout your studies. To make the best use of the service however, you should aim to complete it as thoroughly as possible and doing this can take several sittings, so get to it!


Swansea University is one of the first institutions in the UK to successfully implement the H.E.A.R and ensure that you can benefit from it. The H.E.A.R can enhance your employability or further your education opportunities because it provides University-verified information about you.


At Swansea University, your assigned Personal Tutor will provide you with academic guidance and support for personal development. It's important you have regular meetings with your tutor and your H.E.A.R can provide great discussion points at these meetings. Discussing your H.E.A.R will help you to identify and articulate the skills you are gaining and reflect on how developing these will allow you to achieve your future goals.

If you have any queries relating to the H.E.A.R, simply drop an email to or visit 

GradIntel is the service that Swansea University is using to publish your H.E.A.R electronically and it also allows you to share it with potential employers and other universities.

Through the 'Gateway' tab and the 'GradIntel' tab above, you can activate your account and find out more information on what can be included on your H.E.A.R.

GradIntel has several features which can greatly benefit you:

  • A sharing facility that allows employers or other institutions to find you.
  • A personality questionnaire that enables you to identify areas of strength in which employers are looking for, as well as weaknesses which you can look to address. You can then be matched to your ideal career profiles.
  • A psychometric assessment centre, which measures your verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills. These are now required by over 70% of graduate employers, so practice will allow you to perform to your full potential when it matters.
  • The cost of purchasing this software yourself would be over £170, but as part of the GradIntel software it is available for free.



If you have any queries relating to the H.E.A.R, simply drop an email to or visit


Employability Awards

Swansea University offers a total of nine awards that can be achieved by any student.

For more information on how to take part in and apply to these awards, please click the on the relevant link below:

Discovery Award

Would you like to enrich the lives of people who face discrimination and disadvantage?

Do you want to play a more active role in your community?

How about increasing equality through student run projects?

Travel along 'pathways' through Discovery to gain three different types of awards - Volunteer, Project Coordinator and Trustee. The award you recieve depends on your levels of commitment and involvement.

The opportunities for you vary for each level from attending a project, to taking a lead role in projects and the structure of Discovery. As a volunteer, you also have the opportunity to visit Zambia for one month in the summer to gain an International Siavonga award in exchange for supporting the Swansea Siavonga partnership!

More Info & Apply:


 Egypt Award 

Do you fancy carrying out a mummification using a 'dummy mummy', writing your name in hieroglyphs, or playing an ancient Egyptian game beloved of Tutankhamen? If so volunteering at the Egypt Centre may be for you!

The Egypt Centre, Wales' only museum of Egyptian antiquities, has won several awards for its innovative volunteer programmes. Now our student volunteers can also achieve awards as part of the HEAR programme.

We have three levels: bronze, silver and gold, depending on levels of achievement. Volunteers can assist the museum staff in educational roles and act as gallery assistants helping general visitors to the galleries.

The Centre is well known for its work in the community, for its hands-on approach to museum education and for its inclusive volunteering programme.




Employability Award

The Careers and Employability Service at Swansea University can provide both undergraduate and postgraduate students with the Swansea Employability Award (SEA).

The SEA helps you to explore who you are, gain experience and then develop and articulate your skills.

There are 2 modules to the SEA.

Module 1 is about finding out more about yourself; what you value in life, your personality type, learning styles, what jobs might suit you, then marketing yourself by creating a CV and covering letter. The module finishes with an interview with a Careers Adviser.

Module 2 is about getting work experiences through WoW (Week of Work) and SPIN (Swansea Paid Internship), volunteering, and other positions of responsibility. Following these experiences, you'll be given a mock job interview.

More Info & Apply:

Read what past students think:



Entrepreneurial Leadership Award

Are you the next Mark Zuckerberg?

The Swansea Entrepreneurial Leadership Award (SELA) is given to students who have explored and demonstrated their ability to think and behave entrepreneurially whether in a business, social enterprise, technology innovation or company context; or within the University to benefit other students.

There are five pathways to achieving a Bronze and Gold award:

  • Leading new venture creation - the setting up of a commercial start-up business.
  • Leading social and cultural entrepreneurship - delivering a solution to meet a social or community need or demand.
  • Leading technology innovation - transferring novel ideas into new product concepts.
  • Leading organisational innovation - making a difference within an organisation through entrepreneurial thinking and action.
  • Leading the development of entrepreneurial opportunities for the benefit of other university students.

Registration is via an online registration form.

Simply upload a SELA proposal via a template. This states your selected pathway, your intended actions, timelines and outcomes - as well as standard student information.

The SELA Award Administrator will verify student information recieved through the online form.

For more infromation, please e-mail d.r.bolton@swansea



International Award

There's a fiercely competitive global job market out there... Want to stand out from the crowd?

We recognise that employers are increasingly seeking students equipped with international skills, and it is sometimes difficult to stand out. The Swansea International Award will help you to identify specific skills gained through studying abroad, and enable you to present these skills to employers.

The completion of the wward will supply you with an example CV demonstrating the international skills you have gained, a certification of completion, and will be listed on your HEAR.

More Info email Shelley Matthews



Military Award

Wales University Royal Naval Unit (WURNU) is a training establishment that trains a range of undergraduates from universities in South Wales in leadership, seamanship and navigation, without any call-up liability or obligation to join the Royal Navy.

The aim of WURNU is to educate a wide spectrum of high calibre undergraduates, who show potential as society’s future leaders and opinion formers, in the role and the need for the Royal Navy.

The unit is based at HMS Cambria in Sully, South Glamorgan and its own ship, HMS Express, based at Penarth Marina near Cardiff. Members of the unit participate in a variety of training and social activities, the focus of which is training at sea aboard HMS Express. Opportunities exist to gain Royal Yachting Association theory and practical seamanship qualifications.

The unit has a strong team ethos, with a work hard, play hard attitude that helps to make members' times with the unit some of the best of their university lives. Students leaves the URNU equipped with the skills and confidence that give them a leading edge in whatever path they choose to follow.

More Info & Apply:



Student Ambassador Award‌

The Student Ambassador Award recognises students who contribute to the Student Ambassador Scheme and who assist the Student Recruitment Office with numerous promotional recruitment activities including open days, visit days, campus tours, school visits to the University and outreach visits to schools.

Find out more about becoming an ambassador here.  


Students' Union Award

The SU Award captures the range of roles, responsibilities and skills attained by all committee members through their work.

Do you have a committee role within a sports team or society? If the answer is yes, then would you like your hard work to be acknowledged?

The SU Award captures the range of roles, responsibilities and skills attained by all committee members through their work.

Attending committee meetings, helping out on the Freshers Fayre stall, competing in matches or running projects within a society are all elements you'll recieve recognition for.

Once you've produced a reflective account of your experience as a committee member, highlighting your own individual contribution, you will be eligible for this award.

Are you a subject or college rep?

Attending training, assisting with #StudyAid, helping out with module feedback and attending forums are some of the things that will result in your receiving a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

More Info & Apply:



Sustainability Award

Do you care about the impact that Swansea University has on the environment? Would you like to minimize it? How about the opportunity to be a part of one of the UK's most rapidly growing career paths?

The Sustainability Team engages as many staff and students as possible to help them minimize the effect the University has on our environment.

The Sustainability Award recognises your individual contribution to sustainable development and an improved environment both on and off campus.

This award helps you to develop the specific knowledge, skills and values that will be required in the green and low carbon job sectors – one of the most rapidly growing career paths in the UK and locally.

To gain this award, you will take part in a wide range of voluntary activities and events that will increase your transferable skills and give you great experience of working in a team.

The activities are across three themed areas: Sustainability, Economy and Practical Sustainability.

Visit the Sustainability Office's award pages

and visit here to register for the award



Employability Schemes

SPIN - Swansea Paid Internship Network

Through our Paid Internship Network we seek to connect our students to employers for graduate level placements. We offer paid internships between June and September each summer. All participating students receive a free employability master-class and are assessed via a mandatory employability assessment centre.


WoW - Week of Work

Our Week of Work programme offers students a taster of a wide range of businesses and gives employers an opportunity to bring students’ dynamic talent to the business for shorter projects. We match students from the same pool as our SPIN programme and we offer assessment and employability master classes prior to the work experience. The Week of Work programme runs during January and the summer vacation period.



Santander Placements

The Santander Universities SME Internship Programme is an exciting entrepreneurial internship programme that provides final year students and recent graduates paid work experience for 3 months within local businesses. Santander is contributing 50% of the funding for the internship with the other 50% being funded by the SME. 



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