Maths and Stats Success (MASS)

Maths and Stats Success

Do you feel that you need refreshing in maths skills, worry about the maths element of your course or struggle with stats? Maths and Stats Success (MASS) is a service available to students which aims to help with the maths element of courses, irrespective of students' current capabilities.  Friendly one –to–one support is offered by separate Colleges via informal weekly drop in sessions – there's  no need to make an appointment. Additional learning resources can be accessed online.

Drop-in sessions for Maths and Stats

Central MASS Provision

Over the summer sessions will only run on a Wednesday afternoon 2-4pm – these will offer stats and maths support and are open to all students. The first session will run on Wednesday 20th June. Sessions will be held in Room 405, The Library, Singleton Campus.

There is no need to make an appointment. Just pop along to have a chat with one of the helpers. It’s really useful if you can bring along with you the assignment you are working on.

College of Human and Health Science

Drop in sessions offer support in maths & statistics for students in the College of Human and Health Sciences.

Sessions will continue to run at Singleton Campus: Wednesday afternoons 2-4pm – Room 405 The Library, Singleton Campus. Please note the change in location.

On-line resources: The Blackboard page contains a wide range of on-line resources which you can use in the sessions or at home, to build up your maths skills.

School of Management

Drop in sessions offers support for maths & statistics for students in the School of Management. 

Please note the sessions have now finished for the academic year.

College of Engineering

The (joint) Engineering Mathematics and CAE Cafe offers an informal environment where you can drop-in to get help with Engineering Mathematics, CAD and FE analysis. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Mathematics and CAE Cafe has now finished for this academic year and will restart in October.

On-line resources:
We have a variety of resources available online, which students can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Please click here to find out more information about the engineering in mathmatics resources.

Department of Biosciences

In the Department of Biosciences, we run a weekly Statistics Help service for all students, undergraduate and postgraduate, in our department. These are put on by a rota of academic staff with a wide range of mathematical biology and statistical experience. All bioscience students are sent an email at the start of term announcing the current venue for the drop-in sessions, and up to date information about the time and locations can be found on the  departmental timetable on the intranet.

These are drop-in sessions in which we aim to help any Biosciences student with any quantitative issue, from basic data presentation (graphs and tables) to statistical analysis and maths. We are not experts in everything mathematical but we can almost certainly provide some degree of help.

This service is not a substitute for the taught courses in data analysis that are currently offered at all levels in Biosciences, from Foundation Year to MSc. The aim is to point you in the right direction, not to do it for you! So, bring specific questions and data and don't leave it until the last minute (e.g. the week before handing in a research project!).

Any questions, email me at

Department of Physics

 The Maths and Stats Success (MASS) programme in the Department of Physics consists of:

  • weekly drop-in sessions, for informal maths help from trained postgraduate tutors, and
  • a range of on-line resources, for self-guided study.

Drop-in sessions:  Please note that these have now finished for this academic year and will start back in October.

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