Courses & Workshops

All of our courses are free and available to all students. You can attend as many as you like during your time at university.

Browse through the Course Catalogue and click on the images to find out more about our courses.

Course Catalogue

General Courses (Available to ALL students)

Academic Vocabulary Course

Academic Vocabulary

Advanced Grammar course

Advanced Grammar

Critical thinking course

Critical Thinking

Presentation skills course

Presentation Skills

Public Speaking‌‌

Public Speaking

shut up and write sessions

Shut up and Write

Undergraduate Essay Writing course

Undergraduate Essay writing

Understanding Rhetoric Course

Understanding Rhetoric


Postgraduate Courses & Workshops

Advanced academic writing course

Advanced Academic Writing

Doctoral Writing Group

Doctoral Writing Group


Peer Writing Advisor Training

Peer Writing Advisor

Research writing course

Postgraduate Research

Thesis bootcamp sessions

Thesis Boot Camp


Formatting your Thesis

Formatting your thesis

Writing a dissertation workshop

Writing a Dissertation

International Courses (Best suited for students whose first language is not English)

Academic writing course

Academic Writing

Grammar Basics Course

 Grammar basics

Listening Course


Pronunciation course


Reading course


Seminar Skills course

 Seminar Skills

Talk club

Talk club

TV News course‌‌

TV News

Writing in exams course‌‌

Writing in Exams

Study Hacks Workshops

Creative Thinking Workshop‌‌

Creative Thinking

Learn how to learn workshop‌‌

Learning how to learn

memory skills workshop‌‌

Memory Skills

time management workshop

Time Management

blank blank

Microsoft Skills Workshops

Formatting your essay workshop‌‌

Formatting your Essay

Slide Design 101 workshop‌‌

Slide Design 101

Sorting Data Workshop‌‌

Sorting Data

Other workshops

Exam preparation

Exam preparation

Planning a dissertation workshop

Planning your Dissertation

Quoting and Paraphrasing workshop

Quoting and Paraphrasing

Seminar skills workshop‌‌

Seminar Skills workshop

Writing a dissertation workshop

Writing a Dissertation 

Writing a literature review workshop

Writing a Literature Review

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

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