Accessing Timetables

Accessing your Timetables

Teaching timetables for students can be accessed in the following steps:

  • If not logged in, click MyUni Login
  • Log into
  • Click the Intranet Link
  • Log in to the Intranet
  • You will be presented by your student profile
  • Click Link to services
  • You will now be able to access timetable links

Alternatively you can go directly to the Intranet log in and click "Links to services" to view your timetables.

The timetables that are available are for Module, Room, Department, and Programme of Study only.

Problems or conflicts with the scheduling of the timetable should be referred to the student's College.

Please Note: these are not ‘personal’ timetables.

Student Profile Example

Timetable links

Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Medicine Students

The University is currently developing a personal timetable for students which is available to some colleges. This can be accessed by viewing the student email's calendar facility.

Students enrolled in the following colleges can access a personal timetable showing the modules currently being studied:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Medicine


Access Outlook Timetable via MyUni

To access a personalised timetable through myuni take the following steps:

  • If not logged in, click MyUni Login
  • Log into
  • Click Email
  • Click Calendar


Configure a Mobile Device for Emails and Calendar

Students can configure a mobile device to access their University email account and allow the devices calendar to show a personalised timetable on a mobile device.

Setup the mobile device by taking the following steps:

  • If not logged in, click MyUni Login
  • Log into
  • Click Wireless Account
  • Click Instructions
  • Scroll down to email and calendar and follow the relevant instructions
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Your user name is the first part of your Swansea University e-mail address before the @ symbol.

If your email address is then your user name is 123456. Use your normal University password.

If you have problems logging in using your username and password then please contact IT Support, telephone:(01792 29) 5060.

You can change your password at My Password

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