Student Reps

Student reps are there to act as a bridge between yourselves and the University and to represent the Student Voice at all levels in the Institution.

Coordinated in partnership between the Students’ Union and the University, the student rep system helps you to take active ownership of your learning experience, provide constructive feedback and to make a difference to how your courses and departments are run.

Students have found their student reps system highly valuable and feel their voice is heard. Below are just some of the comments received about student reps.

  • …our rep has been able to arrange additional lectures for our Subject when it's felt that we are weak in a particular area of the course. This was achieved by simply emailing/Facebook messenger
  • … our subject reps are excellent, regularly asking us for feedback and attending meetings and providing us with information about the University management
  • I feel as though my subject rep represents me and helps my views on the course be put forward
  • … my subject rep this year has done an excellent job in relaying information and questions to both the students and professors
  • … our reps have done a good job this year, and have organised our exams with our best interests in mind for next year
  • I feel that my Subject Rep (for year 3 English Language, COAH) does a fantastic job at addressing issues other students in my class sometimes have. She is quick to solve any problems and help those who are struggling with their workload or module choices, for example. She can be contacted via email or in person

You can find out more about the system and how you can be involved by visiting the Students’ Union website.

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