Student Voice

The Student Voice

Here at Swansea University, the Student Voice is important and we have several outlets for you to make sure your voice is heard!

The philosophy of this institution is very much one of partnership, with students having the chance to be involved at all levels of University life: from classrooms to committees, seminars to steering groups, feedback to forming policy there is no area of University life which is not open to input from the student body.

The following are the main avenues open to students to ensure their voice is heard:

Food for Thought

This is a light touch engagement opportunity for staff to get your thoughts on a variety of topics. Taking only two minutes of your time, there’s a cake usually on offer if you take part!

Module Feedback

This is how you tell your tutors what you thought of your modules in the middle and end of a module. Tutors discover what is and isn’t working and make corrections in time to make a difference to you and your studies. 

Student Reps

Student reps represent the student voice. They make sure that student opinion is heard at all levels across the University. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of reps and it’s never too late to become one. 


Unitu is THE student voice platform. The first port of call where you can raise concerns. Whether its campus facilities or course elements, you can share your problems here so a suitable resolution can be found. 

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