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An international outlook can give you a much sharper edge in your personal and career development because increasing mobility in the employment market creates more competition as well as opening up opportunities.

Opportunities are out there for students and graduates of all disciplines, even if you do not yet speak a foreign language. Sensitivity to other cultures (particularly an understanding of the workplace culture in a given country), your attitude, mind-set and enthusiasm are just as important as linguistic ability, if not more so in some respects. Similarly, skills that linguists possess, including communication, networking and analytical thinking, can help them to break into many different professional areas in the UK or abroad, including ones which you might not expect such as management consulting or tax consultancy.

The University's International Development Office (IDO) supports opportunities for students to work and study abroad.  See further information on the IDO's web pages, including details of scholarships and bursaries which may be available when studying or working abroad. Also ask your departmental year abroad coordinator for advice and information.

Starting points for information on living and working abroad:

Working abroad section of the Prospects website - in-depth country profiles, including information on finding and applying for work experience

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