Employer videos

Employer videos

We subscribe to the following collection of videos from Abintegro.com which give employers' perspectives on key aspects of application and interview processes.



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  1. Do you need a cover letter?
  2. How to write a good cover letter
  3. Personal profiles
  4. Education on a CV
  5. Achievements on a CV
  6. Work experience on a CV
  7. Interests on a CV
  8. What employers look for in a CV
  9. How important is a great CV?
  10. Assessing a graduate CV
  11. CV tips from employers
  12. Should you tailor your CV?
  13. Do you  trust the content of a CV?
  14. Why you should continually update your CV
  15. Application form success
  16. How employers review and select CVs
  17. Why do employers use assessment centres?
  18. Assessment centres - How are candidates assessed?
  19. Assessment centres - What are candidates asked to do?
  20. Assessment centres - general tips for success
  21. What makes a good first impression at interview?
  22. How important is body language at an interview?



  1. Is attitude more important than skill?
  2. Interview simulation
  3. Interview Questions & Answers 1
  4. Interview Questions & Answers 2
  5. How interviewers prepare for interview
  6. How employers structure interviews
  7. Employability skills that interviewers look for
  8. Interview tips from employers
  9. How employers assess if a candidate is commercially aware
  10. Practice tests
  11. Public  sector employee strengths
  12. Public sector employee weaknesses
  13. Importance of understanding your skills
  14. Example strengths and weaknesses
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