Drop in sessions

Drop in sessions - career options

These are short discussions with a Careers Adviser (around 10 minutes in length), and they run during term-time.  No appointment is needed.

Drop-in sessions are held on both campuses, and they are open to all students of any discipline.  If, for example, you're based at the Bay Campus, you can also attend drop-in sessions on the Singleton Park campus if you wish.

To prepare for these meetings it will be helpful for you to use the resources on this website.  For example, if you wish to discuss your CV you should look at the examples at myuni.swansea.ac.uk/employability/cvs/.

Bay Campus drop-ins will usually take place on Mondays and Tuesdays, 1200-1300, in the SEA interview room LO.40 in the Bay library.

Singleton Park Campus drop-ins will usually take place on Mondays and Thursdays, 1200-1300, in the SEA interview room 1 on level 3 of Park library.

Check Drop-in dates and times:

You can view forthcoming dates and details of drop-in sessions on our TARGETconnect online system:-

  1. Log in at https://swansea.targetconnect.net/student/home.html with your usual campus network login details.
  2. Select the Appointments tab
  3. Click the Book appointment option
  4. Select the drop-in location(s) that your require (Singleton Park and/or Bay Campus)
  5. Click "Show results" to view full details of drop-in sessions coming up.


You can, of course, also see a Careers Adviser by making a 30 minute appointment - click here for more information.

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